Muine iPod Plugin


This is my first programming project ever released. So it is not guaranteed to work, may be full of bugs, wipe off your precious music, kill your dog, eat your grandmother and so on… More seriously, I did my best for it to be reliable enough to use, I’m using it myself and nothing really bad happened to this day.


This plugin allows you to update the tracks on your iPod. What is done exactly is the creation of a “Muine” playlist on the device, in which the content of the main Muine playlist is mirrored.




cd ~/.gnome2/muine/plugins
gmcs -target:library -out:Ipod.dll Ipod.cs -pkg:muine-plugin,gtk-sharp-2.0,ipod-sharp,ipod-sharp-ui
ln -s `pkg-config --variable=Libraries ipod-sharp ipod-sharp-ui` ./

Known shortcomings

  • Lack of cover art support, it does not seem to be very hard to do.
  • Needs a link to the ipod-sharp dlls in the Muine plugins directory to work.